Weight training program women To Build Lean Muscle, And Achieve Your Dream Physique

In the past, women have been reluctant to strength train because they feared that they would gain large muscles and develop a masculine appearance. In fact, this is not the case and the benefits of strength training for women are huge. Not only does strength training build strength in your body but it can change the appearance of your body and increase your fitness level. Instead of spending long periods of time at the gym doing cardio you can spend a shorter amount of time strength training and see better results. This does not mean that you should skip the cardio, of course, but a program that includes both strength training and cardio will give you the best results.

Most of the women, who do regular workouts, forget a very important type of exercise: weight training. Weight training for women is very beneficial in many ways and thus, should not be ignored. To get the most of the weight training for woman schedule it is very important to do it right under able guidance of a professional and experienced weight trainer. Therefore, written below are some of the good weight training exercises for women along with the precautions:

1) Dumbbells: Dumbbells are the most popular and common type of weight training exercise for both females and males. These little iron pieces tone up shoulder and arm muscles and if you do dumbbells with squats your leg muscles are sure to strengthen. If you are just beginning with weight training, don’t rush for the heaviest looking dumbbell. You know your strength therefore pick the dumbbell that you think you can comfortably pick. Gradually increase the dumbbell weights until you feel is your limit.

2) Dead lifts: This is another good weight training exercise for women. This includes lifting of a weight, bench press as well as a squat. This is basically lifting of a weight from the ground in a bent over position. It is not a child’s play and thus professional guidance and some experience is needed. This weight training exercise tests the whole strength and thus you need to be careful as it’ might cause a jerk in back and neck.

3) Bent over barbell rows: This exercise is a true test of strength and must be included in the weight training for women program. The equipment used in this exercise is a barbell and mainly tones your middle back. Barbell may look difficult to pick at first as they are an enlarged version of dumbbells. This difficult exercise can be made simple if done under able guidance of the experts and careful weight selection. Also, lifting any kind of weight should be done slowly and gradually. Rushing through it can cause long term back problems so strict caution should be paid.

4) Lunges: Lunges is actually not a weight training exercise but of strength training. When combined with dumbbells it becomes both strength and weight building exercise. Take the dumbbells and bend forward on one foot and keep the other leg in the position. Keep alternating the legs and go for number of sets. It is quite simple and very effective for weight training for women. This is particularly good for legs, butt and lower back. Also, the dumbbells can tone your arms.

Weight training program women

When you start weight training for women you should keep the following things in consideration:

Before you start with the weight training program make it sure you do adequate warm-up exercises. This heats the muscles and prepares them for lifting heavy weights and helps you avoid injuries.
Do alternative weight training exercises. This keeps all your body parts toned up and prevents your body getting used to a particular weight training exercise.
Rest is as important as the workout. Therefore take regular breaks and indulge in fun games and activities. This will revive your body so that it oozes with energy to do the exercises well. Overdoing the weight training exercises for women is as bad as not doing it at all

A weight training program can also make you look more attractive whether you are a man or women because it can tone your muscles. If you are a man the right weight training program can increase your muscle mass and if you are a woman the right program can make your body look more lean and defined. Women should not be afraid to train with weights for fear of looking too big because it won’t happen.

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