Best Resistance Exercises For Women that can be performed anywhere

 There was a period that when you mention the word best resistance exercises for women, what is immediately being imagined are muscular, lithe and athletic female bodies. A few women think that because this training involves lifting free weights, they would build up the same set of muscles that weightlifting men have – and this is considered as something that is unfeminine.

But did you realize that when you do some of these exercises, you won’t necessarily have a muscular body? This is because men and women have a different physical makeup. So instead of developing muscles in areas where you don’t want to develop hard muscles, you will instead have a toned, lithe body when you do weight lifting.

Aside from having a toned body, there are a considerable measure of other benefits that you will get the chance to appreciate from resistance training, which includes the following:

1. Amp up your weight misfortune program.

If you are trying to get in shape, the best way to do it is through the best resistance exercises for women. This is because weight lifting is a type of exercise that will support your metabolism – and a slow metabolism is the main guilty party of losing weight. As such, it pays if you will turn to these exercises with the goal that you can reach your weight misfortune goals while having a toned body at the same time.

2. Improve your bone thickness.

The primary health advantage of undergoing the best resistance exercises for women is that your bone thickness will be restored. The best resistance exercises for women is a great way to battle osteoporosis and will allow you to fabricate strong bones.

3. Injury prevention.

When you undergo the best resistance exercises for women, your bones, tendons and ligaments will be strengthened and this will result in injury prevention.
4. You will have the capacity to accomplish progressively and accomplish all the more physically.

This is especially beneficial for working mothers who need to carry the children, do household tasks and work at the same time. Any activity which requires physical resistance will be a great deal easier.

5. Other benefits of resistance training.

With this type of exercises, you will have the capacity to age gracefully, you will look younger and feel younger and you will get the opportunity to appreciate a considerable measure of other health benefits. You will total look different from other women’s who are not on this plan.

And what are the best resistance exercises for women?

As a beginner, many of us may want to start with light weight dumbbells, perhaps 1 pound weights initially. Obviously if we feel that we are capable of a higher weight, we could maybe choose 3 pound weights as a starting point. Resistance training workouts involve lifting weights in various positions which strengthen our muscles in different muscle bunches. The following is a common resistance training move for beginners:

We ought to stand with our feet apart at shoulder width, holding a dumbbell in each hand, slowly raising our arms up to shoulder stature, and slowly returning our arms back to our sides. As a beginner, ten repetitions of this exercise is a decent start. Once we are somewhat more confident, we can use the same stance and dumbbells, but instead of raising our arms, we can twist at the waist to one side, sliding our left arm down our left leg, before slowly straightening to an upright position then repeating the move to one side. Again we could start with ten repetitions for every side.

There are too many options of resistance training exercises to cover in one article, a smart thought is either enlist in classes or a rec center or select one of the various DVDs on the market which won’t only demonstrate and advise, but also help us perform best resistance training exercises for women safely and avoiding injury.

best resistance exercises for women

Final note

So what are you waiting for? Start losing those abundance pounds now and begin training so you can appreciate all these health benefits and more! Remember resistance training is now something that is applicable to the use of the above simple, basic but yet equipped enough to get you going and different from those women who shear away from it.

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